Shelley Jonas, On-line shopper (October 2016)
“Kia Ora Manawa Honey… Just wanted to let you know I did get my honey and I am so happy. I share with a friend and we LOVE it…”
Ricardo Carroll, On-line shopper (August 2016)
"I've placed an order of honey for my mother via your site today as we are regular consumers of your honey products. I particularly like therewarewa
honey in my lemon drinks.... Keep up the great work!”
Aroha Armstrong," Auckland (August 2016)
"Thanks Brenda... The honey was as absolute hit! ... I'll order some more to take for the next trip x"
Lois King, Auckland (July 2015)
"This morning at Novotel Ellerslie I sampled your pack of Tawari honey and found it to be delicious. I was very intrigued with the packaging and
thought it a very clever idea.   My fingers did not get sticky as they did with the usual hotel/motel packs.Congratulations on an all-round good product.  
I will watch out for your product in the supermarkets."
Stephen Cameron, Tauranga (June 2015)
"I had the best time with all the whanau I can’t wait to come back everyone was so cool.   That honey is the best I have ever eaten, just love that
butterscotch flavour. Can I buy a big tub and how much with courier cost to Tauranga…." 
Penny Doorman, Whakatane (May 2015)
"Hi Brenda - I hope you are well. I love your honey - especially the Tawari…. "
Graeme Orchard, On-line Shopper (May 2015)
"Many thanks for your quick reply. I had no idea mahoe is so special but I'm still gutted! How do I explain this to my wife? She's going to really miss
it over the winter. Tell the bees to get back to work and find mahoe flowers for next season! It will be a good excuse though to venture out and try
your tawari product, I'm not a big fan of manuka. I'll place an order online now. Good luck with your company. Great to see you are doing so well...."
Pauline Pierson, France (May 2015)
"I received a present : a small jar of honey Manuka + 5 which I found excellent. I shall wish to buy on your site your excellent Manuka +5 honey in 8
jars of 500 grams or all in all 4 kg…."
Bronwyn Yates, Auckland (March 2016)
"Kia ora, I bought quite a few gift packs of your honey last year. I want you to know that nearly everybody came back to tell me that they adored your
honey. Just thought it might help your day. Congratulations!"
Paul Krol Toronto, Canada:
"I'm in Toronto, Canada - and my sister recently brought back some honey from NZ Taware (sic) & Rewarewa) in 2 small bottles of 110g each. They
are super delicious and sound very healthy, etc....   Like other people I enjoy honey from time to time on foods or in coffee and I rarely cared where
it was made, etc.  After my sister returned from NZ with those 2 small honeys from your company I was hooked and that's when I did some research
to get more of that.  So my uses are simply with desserts like ice cream, crepes for breakfast and I'll try some with cheeses and fruits and maybe do
a marinade for meat a couple of times.  I also like the idea of the medicinal honeys that I would love to try once I get a sore throat, etc."
Honey Tuhua, Ruatahuna:
"The honeys from Te Urewera have a natural sweetness that is better tasting than store bought honey. I have been buying this honey for the
past 2 years and have no desire to revert back to purchasing store-bought honey. I like the natural product that comes straight from the hive to my
table. I have been purchasing this honey for my entire family and they too have noticed the difference between natural and processed honey. I have
tried Te Urewera honey on an annoying itchy wound on my hand and found that the honey relieved the itch immediately on application."
Gary Teneti, Auckland:
“I have been buying honeys of Te Urewera for the last 2 years and I have found that it has more of a natural taste then other store brought honeys. It
has a sweet and floral flavour that other honeys I have purchased do not. I also appreciate that these honeys are produced in a pristine New Zealand
wilderness and undergo very little processing. I can eat it almost straight from the hive.”
Linda Cottle, Tirau:
"The honey arrived and has been a great hit - I ordered enough to give to family for Xmas and everyone absolutely LOVES it - Stu also loves it, sono
doubt I will make another order later."
Rawiri Faulkner, Lower Hutt:
"Last year I ordered a box of Mahoe Honey  from the Tuawhenua Trust and gave it out as Christmas presents. It is the nicest honey that I have
tasted and all of the whanau wanted to know how to get more. Truly innovative kaupapa and above all taste is out of this world. It is a must on our
breakfast table"
Meredith Griffiths, Canadian Tourist:
"When we're back in Canada, I expect that we'll order some honey! The Mahoe is out of this world... we told everyone about it while we travelled
through NZ."
Grania Kincaid, Pakuranga, Auckland:
“By the way I love the Tawari honey - it’s delicious! A real butterscotch flavour.” 
Goina Thedinga, Devonport, Auckland:
“I am actually really enjoying your honey  They are all very nice.”
Shari Kameta, Whakatane, NZ:
“How does one go about purchasing your honey? It’s so good!  I was lucky to receive some honey as a gift. It was lovely and it’s great to have
such quality honey being produced in our rohe!”

People love our honey!!! Here’s what some of our people have said about our honey:
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It's not just the honey, but oh the anticipation! Here's A.A. Milne in "Winnie-the-Pooh":
“Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was
a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.”