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250g $11.70
This light honey comes with a punch and a hint of butterscotch.
The tawari tree is found in great groves deep within the forests
of Te Urewera. Its delicate white flowers were used in the past
as beautifying garlands. Today, our bees work the pools of
nectar of these flowers to produce one of the finest honeys of
New Zealand. 

Tawari Honey will bring out culinary delight for desserts and will
finely complement fruits and cheese.
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A rich amber active honey with complex and earthy undertones.
Our ancestors used manuka for a range of medicinal purposes and
our honey now demonstrates these same world-famed anti-
bacterial properties. The rating of MG 100+ is the measure of
NPA or non-peroxide activity and is just the same as UMF ratings.
We back ratings on our labels with tests done by an independent

Our manuka honey comes lighter on the palate than most manuka
honeys so can be enjoyed by all. Use our Manuka Honey straight
from the jar every day, in drinks and in your cooking.
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Manuka MG 100+
500g $19.90
500g $39.90 ea
250g $21.70 ea
3 x 110g $18.80
3 x 110g $31.90
Enjoy our exciting range of honeys from Te Urewera which
takes you ‘beyond manuka’ for great tastes and textures!  All 3
varietals, Rewarewa, Tawari and  Manuka MG 100+, are
included in this special offer.
Pack of 3 x 500g
$74.90 ea
Honeys of Te Urewera Range Special
Rewarewa honey is known to have the highest peroxide activity of
NZ honey which helps in healing and fighting backteria. It is also
high in anti-oxidant for dealing with free radicals in the body, and
like all honeys, it is great for energy and general health-giving.
Rewarewa honey has a deep colour and a rich, full-bodied taste.

Use daily straight from the jar, or in tonic drinks. Rewarewa is
especially favoured by chefs for use in savoury and dessert dishes
to create culinary delights!
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250g $11.70 ea
500g $19.90 ea
3 x 110g $18.80
Pack of 3 x 250g
$42.90 ea
Pack of 5 x 5g
$5.00 ea
Our snap-paks are a convenient and hygienic way to get a portion
of honey for a burst of energy and nutrition for you on the run, for
school lunches, for camping or for sports. Use them as well as an
ideal throat-soother or straight on the face for a natural cleansing
and moisturising face-pack. Our snap-paks are filled with Raw and
Natural Tawari Honey, and they come in seal-packs of 5.
Honey Snap-paks
Apologies to all Unique Mahoe Honey lovers. This varietal is sold out and not available again until our forest gives it to us in a future season. We can more or less count on some honeys each season from our forest; others only come in surplus in odd years - so we welcome the surprises nature gives us, but have to live with gaps too.
Unique Mahoe Honey
5.5 kg pail
$99.50 each
Our tawari honey is proving to be a favourite with lots of honey-
lovers out there so we have packed it in pails so that you can get the
volume of honey you really want at a good price per kilogram.
Tawari has a stunning taste and a wonderful soft consistency so you
can easily spoon it out in winter time temperatures. Pricing includes
P&P. Enjoy!!
Honey Pails
14 kg pail
$249.50 each
Do you need a special gift that is a slice of New Zealand or is it for
a real honey lover? Our gift set is attractively packaged and covers
our exciting range of honeys from Te Urewera. All three varieties
are included - MG 100+, Rewarewa and Tawari in 110g jar size.
Gift Pack of 3 x 110g
$25.90 ea
For those who would prefer our premium manuka honey only,
this is the ultimate gift. Featuring 3 x 110g jars of Manuka MG 100+.

Gift Pack of 3 x 110g
$32.95 ea
Honeys of Te Urewera Range Gift Pack of 3 x 110g
Here's a bigger boxed gift-pack for those special occasions or very
special people.Attractively packaged like our other gift packs, this
set gives you 2 x 250g jars of our special honeys of Te Urewera  -
Manuka 5+ and Tawari. Enjoy!

Gift Pack of 2 x 250g
$33.90 ea

This is the manuka only version of the 250g twin gift pack. Our
premium manuka honey used here is rated MG 100+.

Gift Pack of 2 x 250g
$43.90 ea
Manuka MG 100+ Gift Pack of 3 x 110g
Manuka MG 100+ & Tawari Gift Pack of 2 x 250g
Manuka MG 100+ Gift Pack of 2 x 250g
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We hand-craft our Natural Healing Skin Balms from plants from our
forests, and set them in soothing grapeseed oil and natural beeswax.
Use our balms for a wide range of skin afflictions including eczema,
rashes, grazes, insect bites, etc, and also for massaging arthritic or
aching joints, and tired muscles. Our balms are made entirely from
natural products and do not have any preservatives or chemicals
added. Manuka & Tarata is effective for healing and soothing most
skins; use Kokomuka for healing and soothing those skins that are
quite sensitive. Buy any 2 pots for $25
Natural Healing Skin Balms
2 x 50g pots $25
2 x 50g pots $25
Manuka/Tarata &
Kokomuka 2 x 50g
pots $25
Here’s Manuka Honey Blend with some of those world-renowned
properties but a good price. Great for drinks, on your toast, in your
favourite honey recipes and straight out of the jar for a pick-me-up.
Use as you would the 100+ but lots of it!!
Manuka Honey Blend MG30+
500g $29.90 ea