Our Networks and Links
We work with the support from a wide network to bring the aims and aspirations for Manawa Honey
NZ to fruition. We refer to Crown Research Institutes and universities for their expertise on the honey
properties and the management of bees in the ecosystems of our indigenous forests. We thank all who
have worked with us to date, being generous in sharing what they have such as advice, knowledge and
Manawa Honey NZ is owned by the Tuhoe Tuawhenua Trust: www.tuawhenua.biz

We are members of or associate with:

National Beekeepers Association: www.nba.org.nz

Indigenous NZ Cuisine Cluster: www.inzc.maori.nz

Poutama Trust: www.poutama.co.nz

Research organisations that we work with or whose services we use:

Landcare Research: www.landcareresearch.co.nz

GNS Science: www.gns.cri.nz

Plant and Food Research: www.plantandfood.co.nz   

Address: 363a Mataatua Road Ruatahuna 3046 New Zealand
Phone:+64 7 3663 166

Take a look at  our story and views
on "Trees for Bees" at a conference
for this kaupapa (2014)
The story of Manawa Honey NZ is featured
here in Project Whenua, an educational
series from Maori TV (2014)
Take a look at the story of Manawa
Honey NZ  featured in this ‘Marae’
programme (2014)
Tuawhenua Trust (that owns Manawa Honey
NZ), along with Landcare Research, sends
our researcher to Antarctica (2014)
Tuawhenua Trust sends matauranga experts
to global indigenous knowledge on pollination
workshop in Panama City (2014)
Manawa Honey features again in this
programme from Mataora  (2014)
UNESCO's Pollination-Pollinators Workshop