Rewarewa Honey
Rewarewa (Knightsia excelsa) is our indigenous honeysuckle tree that
gives an outstanding honey rich in taste, antibiotic properties and anti-
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Rewarewa honey has a beautiful deep reddish amber colour and a rich,
full-bodied taste. Use daily straight from the jar, or in tonic drinks.
Rewarewa is especially favoured by chefs for use in savoury and dessert
dishes to create culinary delights!
Rewarewa honey is known to have the highest hydrogen peroxide activity
of any honey which helps in healing and fighting bacteria. It is also high in
anti-oxidant for helping the body avoid cancer, and like all honeys, it is
great for energy and general health-giving.
Traditionally, the nectar of the rewarewa tree was collected by our
ancestors for a sweetener as it contains about 45% sugars - a true
honeysuckle! The inner bark was used for bandaging over wounds to
check bleeding and help in healing.
Rewarewa grows in groves in well-lit parts of our forest, and stands above
the forest shrubbery as a fine tree of up to 30 metres in height. The
flowers are clustered together on stalks with about 50-80 flowers in each
cluster. The flower is designed for pollination by birds such as tui and
bellbird, so it gives a bounty of nectar which our bees find to make this
delicious honey.